10 Feet ‘Alien’ Seen At Miami Mall, Video Of People Running Away In Fear Is Going Viral

Ashish Kumar Mishra
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Many such videos go viral on social media, showing people running away after seeing aliens in a mall. It is claimed that after seeing the 10-foot alien, the people in the mall got scared and started running away. Many videos and photos are being shared claiming to have seen aliens in the mall, but the reality of this claim is something else.

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It is said on social media that the viral video is from America. In the video, some people are seen running; many police vehicles are parked there. A figure is seen moving between the cars; people say this is an alien whose height is 10 feet. People are running away, fearing this. However, its truth is something else.

On January 1, the first day of the New Year, many people gathered in Miami Mall of America, immersed in the New Year celebrations. Then, some people started creating a nuisance by bursting crackers. When police discovered this information, some people refused to move from there. After this, the police took strict action, and people were forced to flee from there.

By sharing the video of people running away from the mall, some people have started spreading rumours that people are running away after seeing aliens in the mall, which is why the police have also reached there. A statement was issued by the Miami Police Department saying, “There were no aliens there. No airports were closed. There was no power cut; police forces were deployed to control the crowd.”

Some people claim that people are being lied to and that there are no aliens there. There, a big shadow was visible to everyone. However, the police are calling this claim light, funny and mischievous. Many videos related to this are going viral on social media.

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