Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Salary Drops By Rs 300 Crore, But A New MR Headset Is Coming In February!

Geeta Kumar
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Tim Cook

Apple is one of the largest tech companies in the world. What will be the salary of its CEO? People often ask this question, and this search is also done regularly on the internet. Now, the company itself has revealed this. Let us tell you the total salary and other allowances given to Tim Cook are in 2023.

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Rs 88.78 Crore Non-Equity Incentive Given To CEO

According to the information, Apple gave a total salary of about Rs 523.83 crore ($6.32 crore) to its CEO, Tim Cook, in 2023. According to Apple’s details, in 2023, it has given Rs 88.78 crore as a non-equity incentive and Rs 20.93 crore as compensation to its CEO. Both of these are part of his total salary.

Salary Reduced By Around Rs 300 Crore By 2023

Information given by the company to the American Exchange has revealed that Apple had given a total salary of Rs 823.91 crore ($9.94 crore) to its CEO, Tim Cook, in the year 2022, due to which his full salary has reduced by about Rs 300 crore in the year 2023. It was told that the CEO had planned to reduce his non-equity incentives and compensation in 2023. After which this decrease has occurred.

Apple Is Introducing This New Product

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said the company is introducing its mixed reality (MR) headset vision in the market starting February 2. People can pre-book it beginning at 5 pm on January 19. At present, it is available only in the American market. The company has not yet shared any information about its launch in India. According to the data, it will have 256 GB storage. According to the company, its price is Rs 2.89 lakh.

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