‘America Does Not Support Taiwan’s Independence’, This Fear Is Haunting The Biden Administration

Ashish Kumar Mishra
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Lai Ching Te

Despite China’s threat, Taiwan’s voters elected Lai Ching Te as their president for the third time. Lai Ching Te, leader of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party, was declared President of Taiwan for the third time. Amidst all this, a big statement has come from US President Joe Biden. He said Saturday that the United States does not support Taiwan independence.

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Asked to comment on Saturday’s election, Biden said, “We do not support freedom.” Hours before voting began, Washington warned that it would be unacceptable for “any” country to interfere in the election. Let us tell you that Taiwan is a neighbouring island on which China has been claiming.

Despite lacking formal diplomatic relations, the United States is Taiwan’s most important international supporter and arms supplier. The Biden administration fears the election, change, and new administration will escalate conflict with Beijing. Let us tell you that Biden has worked to smooth relations with China, including agreeing to resolve differences on security matters at the California summit with President Xi Jinping in November.

Two senior government officials said Taiwan’s government expects China to attempt to pressure its incoming president after the vote, including through military manoeuvres near the island. China has never refrained from using force to bring Taiwan under its control. According to the official, the delegation will likely include some former high-ranking US officials. Let us tell you that similar delegations were also sent to Taiwan earlier.

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