Donald Trump Hit With Massive Fine; Nearly Equal To Pakistan’s Election Cost!

Geeta Kumar
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Donald Trump

Yesterday, Friday (February 16), a huge fine was imposed on former US President Donald Trump in a civil fraud case. If we talk about this fine, it amounts to more than Rs 293 crore in Indian rupees. At the same time, according to Pakistani rupees, this figure reached close to 1,000 crore crores. You can guess from this that the amount that Trump will have to pay as a fine is the same amount that Pakistan spent in its PM’s recent election.

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Let us tell you that an additional interest of 100 million dollars (82 crores) has also been added to the fine amount of Donald Trump. Legal experts say this will cause a huge loss to the property of the former President. “It won’t make Trump poorer, but it will take a big chunk of his money,” said former federal prosecutor Diana Florence. His net worth will be greatly reduced.”

Fine Of 17 per cent Of Trump’s Total Assets

The New York Court, while giving its final verdict on Friday, asked Trump to pay the amount. He has also been banned from business in the country for the next 3 years. Trump claimed he had done nothing wrong and planned to appeal, putting the decision on hold until a higher court could examine the case.

According to Forbes magazine, Trump’s net worth was $2.6 billion. The New York Attorney General’s Office said his net worth in 2021 was $2 billion. The $354.9 million fine would take away 14-17 per cent of his assets.

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