This Is The Scariest Place In Pakistan, Pakistanis Tremble After Hearing Its Name

Ashish Kumar Mishra
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Haunted House In Karachi

There are many things in the world about which we know but are not able to understand. One such thing is the existence of ghosts or spirits. Some people believe that all this is nonsense, while some believe that there are many such forces in the world that we do not understand. For the believers, there are many places in this world where strange incidents happen, and people feel that a ghost lives there.

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One such place is in our neighbouring country, Pakistan, house 39-K in Karachi. Although no scientific evidence is available, it is a fact that rumours fly about such places, and many people believe these rumours.

Light Has Been Visible From Inside The House For Many Years

Perhaps there is some truth in every rumour. So today, we will talk about this house, about which many stories are heard. Let’s see what is in House 39 that makes it a mysterious place in Pakistan. The story starts from Block 6 in the PECHS area of Karachi. Moving towards street number 39-K, you can see the light there. It would seem as if someone lives in the house, but the reality is that it has been vacant for many decades.

Now, the surprising thing is that many people have not only seen the light there but have also claimed that they have seen a woman in a white dress near that light. The woman leaves from there, walks down the street, and disappears within moments.

A Woman Is Seen In White Clothes

This certainly sounds scary. But is this the work of a ghost? According to the Pakistan Journal, this 39-storey house was built many years ago in a society in Karachi. This society was specially formed for those working in the company. Many houses were built there, and people started living happily. But the house at 39 remained vacant.

Then, one night, a bright light suddenly appeared in that empty house. The people of the society got scared after seeing so much light at night. After some time, some people saw a pale woman wearing a white dress in that house. This news spread like wildfire, and within no time, many people from the society left the place. Everyone started feeling that a ghost resided in 39-K.

What Is The Old Story Here?

It has become a popular tourist spot in Karachi, but people can see this house from outside only during the day. No one dares to go nearby at night. People believe that this woman was brought here by some evil person; she was mistreated, and then she was killed and buried in some part of the house. However, no one knows what the truth is. We may never know. This is just a story. This is not necessarily true. We should avoid believing in rumours and should never try to go to such places alone.

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