The World’s Tallest Clock Is In Saudi, You Will Be Surprised To Know Its Other Features

Abhay Singh
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Abraj Al Bait Clock

We all have a clock in our homes. Besides showing time, clocks in different designs also enhance the house’s beauty. Since the invention of the watch, its form and shape have changed a lot. The journey from telling time with the help of sunlight (sun clock) and sand clock to today’s modern clock is quite interesting.

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It has taken many years for watches to come from heavy flare and large size to now smartwatches that can be worn on the wrist. Today, when we talk about watches, we will tell you about a watch that has made its place in the Guinness World Records. Let us know what is so special about this watch, which has made the Guinness World Record in its name.

What Is The Specialty Of This Watch?

This clock is located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. This clock holds the record for being the largest clock in the world. Therefore, it has been given a place in the Guinness World Records. This clock located in Mecca is known as Abraj Al Bait Clock. This clock is so big that it took 10 years to make it. Manufacturing of this watch started in 2002, and it was completely ready in 2012.

The Third Tallest Building In The World

It is not only the tallest clock tower in the world but also the third tallest building after Burj Khalifa and Shanghai Tower. This is the second record of this clock tower. It is the tallest clock tower and the third tallest building. This clock is visible even from a distance of 25 km from its location. The clock of this tower, installed at a height of 451 meters from the ground, is four times bigger than the clock of the Big Ben Clock Tower in London.

It Took So Much Money To Make

Rs 123 crore was spent making this watch, which is visible from its beauty. 24-carat gold and 20 lakh LED bulbs have been used to decorate this watch.

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