This Tribe Do Not Bury Dead Bodies; They Drink The Blood Of Animals During Marriages

Abhay Singh
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Maasai Tribe Unique Culture

The world may have progressed a lot, but even today, many tribes traditionally live their lives. Their culture is so strange and unique that sometimes it is hard to believe someone can do this. One such tribe is the Maasai tribe, who do not bury the dead bodies just so the land does not get spoiled. They drink cow’s blood by sucking it. This unique tradition has been happening in this community for centuries, and even today, people follow it.

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The Maasai tribe is near reserves like Maasai Mara, Serengeti and Amboseli in Africa. Even after thousands of years, these people traditionally live their lives. These people living in wild desert areas are shepherds and warriors. Their number in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania is around one million. The people of the Maasai tribe live a nomadic life so that their animals can find new places to graze.

The People Here Also Have A Dress Code

Maasai tribes are very famous because of their unique culture. They have their own rules and regulations. No government decision applies to them. The oldest man is considered the head of this community. Everyone works according to his decisions. You will be surprised to know that the people here also have a dress code so that it is easy to identify them.

Everyone wears red coloured clothes, which are called Shuka. One tradition that makes this community utterly different from other tribals is that these people do not bury the dead body of a loved one. There is a sacred feeling behind this. People of the community believe that burying dead bodies spoils the land. Therefore, after death, the dead bodies are left in the open.

Wealth Is Determined By Number Of Animals and Children

Another unique thing is that the number of animals and children determines their wealth. Animals are given great priority in this community. The special thing is that people mainly depend on milk and meat for food. On the occasion of the birth of a child or marriage, family members drink the blood of animals. Especially cow’s blood.

For this, the cow is first injured with an arrow, and then the whole family sucks its blood and drinks it. Care is taken that the cow does not die. These people believe that this strengthens the immune system. Many times, these people also drink blood to reduce intoxication.

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