A Unique Village In The World, Where Men’s Entry Is Banned, Only Women’s Are Allowed

Shubham Dubey
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Umoja Village Where Men Are Banned

It is not within the power of men to calculate the amount of torture women have faced for centuries. No matter which country it is, they have had to be insulted. The reason for their condition is primarily men. In this society, the place men got, the freedom they got, and the strength they got, women could not get.

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Because of this, the women established their village where everything was there. Trees, plants, animals and birds, fresh air, there is only one thing missing, that is men. Today, we will tell you about the only village where men’s entry is banned. Here, every work is done by women, which means, in a way, they rule this village.

According to the report of the Reuters website, a village in Kenya is named Umoja. It looks like any normal village in the world, but there is a big difference that will hardly be found in any town. There is a ban on the entry of men in this village. Women run the village and look after it. This village was established about 30 years ago. The women living here are refugees. All these women are a small part of the Samburu tribe, which is considered part of the Maasai community.

Women Who Became Victims Of Harassment

According to reports, Samburu women are considered the property of their husbands. They have very few rights. They neither have the right to land nor the rights of animals. These women are often forced into child marriage with older men, and sometimes they are circumcised. Not only this, they are also victims of domestic violence and sexual harassment.

It has been claimed in some reports that in the 1990s, British soldiers raped these women in that area. After which their husbands refused to accept them. According to the Inside Over website, at that time, around 1400 rape cases were filed by Samburu tribe women.

This Is How The Village Was Established

A woman named Rebecca Lolosoli also suffered the same torture. When no one listened to her, she and about 15 women founded a village called Umoja. Umoja means unity. There was unity among the women in this village, and because of this, the entry of men was wholly banned here.

About 40 families live in this village, where only women and children live. Women earn money by selling traditional bead garlands. Men living near the town often steal their cattle to harass them. But such actions do not demoralize those women. Women are running the administration of this village, earning money and taking care of their families.

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