The Man Was Trying To Sell The Queen’s Stick, Reached Jail; Know Why?

OM Prakash
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Queen Elizabeth

A man was trying to sell Maharani’s wand online. He claimed that Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom used the wand. People showed a lot of interest in buying it. Its price had reached thousands, but before this deal could be done, the police spoiled the whole game.

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Drew Marshall, 26, from Hampshire, southern England, tried to sell the ‘Queen’s wand’ online. He claimed that he was a senior footman at Windsor Castle and that the money from selling the “antler walking stick” would be donated to cancer research. It is being claimed that the auction amount had reached 540 pounds (Rs 56,953.95).

However, when the police got information about this, they started investigating this deal and discovered that an attempt was being made to cheat the buyers. 26-year-old Drew Marshall’s claim is false, and he is trying to dupe people. After this, this person had to go to jail.

When the investigation found many false claims, including the ‘stick related to Elizabeth’, the police arrested the accused. The court has sent him to jail. The court found the accused guilty of fraud and sentenced him to 12 months. Drew Marshall was said to have used the death of Queen Elizabeth II to try to trick the public through a fake charity auction, although he was caught before he could succeed.

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