VIDEO: Marine Scientist Saved From Going Into Tiger Shark’s Mouth, Incident Caught On Camera

Ashish Kumar Mishra
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Marine Scientist and Tiger Shark

Viral Video: In a scary incident, a diving expert narrowly escaped being bitten by a giant tiger shark. The frightening moment was caught on camera when marine researcher Ocean Ramsey was about to dive into the waters off Oahu, Hawaii when she saw a shark colliding with plastic pollution.

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Marine Scientist Saved From Going Into Tiger Shark’s Mouth

In the viral clip, as Ramsey looks at the water for the last time before diving, she sees a shark approaching her, nicknamed Queen Nikki in the area. As the hunter came out of the water, Ramsey quickly pulled himself back onto the boat.

Instead of being shocked, Ramsey can be heard laughing in the video. At the end of the video, she is also heard identifying the shark by name and diving into the water to locate two other large female sharks.

Ramsey jokingly wrote on Instagram, “I saw a shark hitting the plastic, so I went, and it was my greeting.” She also told her followers that Nikki, with whom she had been swimming for years, had not tried to attack her.

Ramsey said, “I couldn’t see very far, and she probably couldn’t see either, so I think (Nikki) was reacting more to the initial noise and shadow of my water entering.”

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