Former Navy Sailors Freed from Qatar Jail; Pakistan Praises “Modi Magic”

Geeta Kumar
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Narendra Modi

India has achieved great success at the international level. Eight former Navy personnel serving their sentence in Qatar’s jail for the last 18 months have freedom. After India’s success, Indian diplomacy is being highly appreciated worldwide. You will be surprised to learn that these sailors were not only jailed but also given a death sentence.

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India’s success is also being discussed in Pakistan. The political expert there, Qamar Cheema, has greatly praised the Modi government. He says that ‘Modi magic’ has worked in Qatar. Serious allegations were made against 8 former Indian sailors in Qatar. After which they were sentenced to death. It did not seem that these sailors could return to India again.

Cheema said, “I had already said that everything would be possible if Narendra Modi were there. ” He had a particular conversation with the Emir of Qatar on this issue. This is a big diplomatic victory for PM Modi before the elections in India.

Cheema said there is a 19 billion-dollar trade between India and Qatar. India imports 17 billion dollars in this business. It exports Rs 2 billion to Qatar. India gets things like petrochemicals by taking gas from Qatar.

This Was Possible Due To Modi’s Behavior

Qamar Cheema says that this work has been possible because of the personal behaviour of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has good relations with the Emir of Qatar. India also made Qatar and the Qatari army aware of the matter. After this, the prisoners were successfully released.

India Is Proud Of Qatar’s Decision

The Indian government has strongly welcomed Qatar’s decision. A Ministry of External Affairs statement said that the Government of India includes the release of the eight citizens. Seven of these people have returned to India.

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