The Largest Gold Mine Ever Found In Russia, Vladimir Putin Is Facing Trouble

Ashish Kumar Mishra
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Gold Mine

Good news has come for Russia amid the ongoing war with Ukraine. The largest gold mine in the Far East has been found here. Russia itself has confirmed the discovery of the gold mine. This mine is located in the Eastern Federal Unit Chukotka. Russia claims that more than 100 tons of gold is present in this mine. Recently, gold reserves were found in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

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A Sputnik report states Russia has discovered the largest gold field since 1991. The Mining Mining Division of the Russian government company Rosatom has announced this discovery. Finding a new gold mine can be helpful for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russia’s Economy Will Get Relief

In fact, amid the ongoing war with Ukraine for the last two years, Western countries have imposed many types of sanctions on Russia. Which even includes the confiscation of Russian assets in those countries. This has dealt a big blow to Russia’s economy. In such a situation, discovering this gold mine is important for Russia.

123 Wells Were Dug

According to the report, 123 wells with more than 32 km have been drilled in the last three years. According to the company, all prospecting, topographic-geological, geological-geochemical and geophysical work has been completed. The company said the annual production of the Sovinoy mine is expected to reach three tonnes of gold by 2029.

Gold Reserves May Have Been Found In Mecca Also

Let us tell you that Sovinoy’s mine is located near Chakchi Sagar. It was established in the 1970s. Earlier, Russian media, citing a report, claimed that gold production in Russia could peak in 2030. It is noteworthy that just a week ago, a huge store of gold was found in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, considered Islam’s holiest city.

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