Goa-Delhi IndiGo Flight Diverted to Mumbai, Passengers Left Sitting on Airport Floor

Akash Kumar Mishra
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IndiGo Passengers Eating On Floor

Indigo’s flight from Goa to Delhi was diverted towards Mumbai due to operational problems. After this, passengers were seen sitting on the ground and eating food at Mumbai airport. The video of this incident is also going viral. News agency ANI has said that it has confirmed the flight diversion from airport sources.

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What’s In The Video?

It is seen in the video that it is nighttime, where the Indigo plane is parked, and some people are sitting on the ground nearby. Some have phones, some talk amongst themselves and some are seen with food.

DGCA Gave These Instructions To All Airlines

Meanwhile, aviation regulator DGCA has asked all airlines to share accurate real-time information regarding flight delays amid fog-related disruptions, according to news agency PTI. DGCN has asked airlines to provide updated information regarding flight delays to passengers waiting at airports.

Indigo Passenger Attacked The Pilot

A shocking video of a passenger of an Indigo flight is also going viral, in which he is seen assaulting the co-captain of the flight. According to media reports, due to a delay on Sunday (January 14), Indigo flight A20N from Delhi to Goa stood at Indira Gandhi International Airport for more than 10 hours.

A passenger on board attacked the pilot when announcing the flight delay. Later, the passenger had to face police action.

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