Golden Dawn For Saudi Arabia; Massive Gold Deposit Found Near Mecca

Abhay Singh
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Saudi Arabia Gold Deposit

Amidst the New Year celebrations, wonderful news has emerged for Saudi Arabia. A large deposit of gold has been discovered here in Mecca. Saudi Arabian mining company Maaden has given this information. According to the mining company, the discovery extends 100 kilometres (km) from the existing Mansourah Massara gold mine.

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In a post on the social media platform, Maaden Chief Executive Officer Robert Wilt said, ‘These discoveries are an important demonstration of the untapped potential of mineral resources in Saudi Arabia, and establish mining as the third pillar of the Saudi economy.’

There Will Be Huge Profit From New Gold Reserves

He further said that this discovery shows that Saudi Arabia has the potential to become a gold centre and is a strong part of our development strategy. He stressed that this discovery is the first of many discoveries we expect to make in the coming years. The huge gold reserve in Saudi Arabia, famous for its oil reserves, can significantly add to its treasury.

Can Be Found and Stored

The mining company estimates that where gold deposits have been discovered, there is a high density of gold. Additionally, samples taken indicate the presence of high-grade gold reserves of 10.4 grams per tonne (g/t) gold and 20.6 g/t gold in two random drilling sites 400 meters from and below Mansourah Massara. have been found. The discovery of gold in Saudi Arabia is expected to attract local and international investors. In such a situation, thousands of people will get employment from this.

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