Vladimir Putin Took A Dip In Icy Water In The Harsh Winter, Know The Reason Behind This

Shubham Dubey
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Vladimir Putin Epiphany Dip

Media reports quoting Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrated the Epiphany festival by dipping in cold water. This festival was celebrated on January 19. Authorities across Russia had set up bathing facilities for people following Orthodox ideologies.

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Even in Siberian areas where temperatures have fallen below -22°F, bathing spots have been created. However, it is unclear where Putin took the plunge on Friday (January 19). The reason behind this is related to security. It is bitterly cold in Russia, yet Putin has dipped in the water.

Putin Followed Conservative Tradition

According to the Moscow Times report, when Peskov was asked about the President’s alleged involvement in the Epiphany dip, he confirmed it. The spokesperson said, “Yes, they did it per tradition to mark Epiphany.”

The video of Putin dipping in water on Friday (January 19) is unavailable. However, in 2018, a video of the 65-year-old leader was aired on Russian television where he was seen approaching a hole in the ice on Lake Seliger in north-western Russia. After this, he crossed the hole and jumped into the icy water.

In observance of Orthodox tradition, water blessed by a priest during Epiphany week is considered holy. It is said that this water has many properties. Epiphany, celebrated on January 19 in Russia, symbolizes the baptism of the Lord.

This Is How Putin Was Brought Up

Let us tell you that a devout Christian mother brought up Vladimir Putin. That’s why Putin always wears a cross around his neck. Russia is officially a secular country. Despite this, President Putin considers himself a follower of the Orthodox Church, like most Russians.

Russia’s Lackey

Mark Toole, President of The Institute on Religion and Democracy, has written in World Magazine that Russia has long been a henchman of Western countries. Russia has greatly expanded its influence in Ukraine through the Orthodox Church. Russia gave autonomy to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church three years ago. After this, a part of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine recognizes Russian authority.

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