Maruti Suzuki’s Masterstroke On Hybrid Tech, 35 KMPL Mileage Car To Be Launched Soon

Geeta Kumar
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Maruti Suzuki Hybrid Car

The country’s largest car manufacturer is lagging in introducing its first electric vehicle. However, Maruti Suzuki has developed an excellent strategy for hybrid vehicles. Come, let us know about it.

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Hybrid Technology Will Become A Game Changer

Maruti is preparing to launch affordable cars like Fronx Facelift, Next Gen Baleno and Next Gen Swift in the Indian market. It is expected that these cars will be introduced with hybrid engines. With this, the mileage of vehicles is going to be much better. With the help of the HEV system, mileage up to 35+ Kmpl is expected to be achieved.

How Will The HEV System Work?

The battery-powered electric motor will send power directly to the wheels in this system. The only difference is that the battery does not need to be plugged in. Instead, the models are fitted with on-board generators to recharge the battery. Petrol engines run these generators. The thing to note is that its petrol engine will never drive the wheels directly; it will work as an alternator.

Better Option Than Electric Car!

The upcoming Maruti cars, including strong hybrids, may get a significant price advantage over other ICE cars. Not only are these likely to be incredibly efficient, but their on-board generators will eliminate the range anxiety associated with EVs, making this technology a perfect option for the Indian market.

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