Jobs Of Many Google Employees Are In Danger, More People Are Going To Be Laid Off!

Shubham Dubey
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Google CEO Sundar Pichai

The new year is proving to be bad for the employees of Google, one of the world’s largest tech companies. Not even three weeks of the new year have passed, and thousands of Google employees have lost their jobs. Now, there are indications that more Google employees may become victims of layoffs.

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Indication Of Layoffs In Internal Memo

A report by The Verge suggests that Google may face layoffs again in the coming days. This apprehension is expressed in the report quoting an internal memo of CEO Sundar Pichai. According to the report, Pichai has told Google employees in an internal memo that layoffs may also affect other people in the coming days. Google has already cut thousands of jobs this year.

Many Big Decisions Will Have To Be Taken

Pichai said in an internal memo sent to all Google employees on Wednesday – We have ambitious goals in front of us. We are going to invest in our big priorities this year. However, the reality is that we will have to make some tough decisions to have this ability to invest. Pichai also clearly indicated in the memo that the tough decision discussed in the coming days is related to layoffs.

Pichai Has Given This Assurance

Google’s CEO has also assured that the upcoming layoffs will not be as widespread as last year and will not affect every team. He said- This time, the retrenchment will not be as large as last year. Not every team will be touched by this. But I know it’s difficult to see your colleagues and teams affected by layoffs.

12 Thousand Jobs Lost Last Year

Google had laid off about 12 thousand people last year. That layoff affected all the teams, including Hardware, Ad Sales, Search, Shopping, Maps, Policy, Core Engineering and YouTube. After that, thousands of people from many departments have been thrown out since January 10 this year. The first indications about upcoming layoffs suggest that YouTube employees will be the first to be affected. About 100 people on the video platform have been informed about this.

The Pace Of Layoffs Continues From 2022

Let us tell you that tech companies are doing layoffs from 2022 onwards. Last year also, tech companies worldwide laid off lakhs of employees. Besides the new-age tech companies, big names have also been included in the companies doing layoffs. Apple, which has not done layoffs till now, has also indicated restructuring. Amazon’s video streaming company Twitch has also laid off about 500 people this year.

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