WhatsApp Channels Become More Advanced Than Before; Many New Features Have Arrived

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WhatsApp Channels, the broadcast feature that lets organizations and public personalities send updates to their followers on the messaging platform, is getting many cool new features. Zuckerberg himself has given this information. Channels will soon get features like polling, voice notes, and sharing channel updates on Status.

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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the new channel features on Wednesday by demonstrating the new polling function to his followers on his WhatsApp channel. WhatsApp launched the Channels feature last year, a one-way broadcasting tool. With regular updates from sports teams, organizations and public personalities, the channels aim to increase engagement on the platform.

Admin Will Get Facility To Send Poll

The new update aims to increase channel engagement by allowing channel admins to send polls to members. Polls have been available regularly, and group chats on WhatsApp have been available for some time. Channel admins will now also be able to send updates in the form of voice notes, allowing them to engage members more directly and personally.

Now You Can Share Channel Updates On Status Also

Additionally, WhatsApp channel updates can now be shared on Status as well. This can be done by long pressing the channel updates the user wants to share, selecting ‘Forward’ and then selecting ‘My Status’. Additionally, the new update also includes the ability to add multiple admins for a particular channel.

Channels, which primarily serve as one-way communication tools, have received updates since launch that aim to bring more engagement and interactivity. WhatsApp Channels reportedly released a beta update in November 2023 that allows channel admins to share stickers with their followers. That same month, the platform was seen working on the ability to share polls across channels for the first time.

Channels Were Launched In India In September

WhatsApp introduced the Channels feature in June last year. Meta described it at launch as “a simple, reliable and private way to receive important updates from people and organizations right within WhatsApp”. The broadcasting tool was later launched in 150 countries, including India, with directory search and reaction support in September. Meta also partnered with popular sports teams like the Indian cricket team and public personalities like Diljit Dosanjh and Katrina Kaif to create dedicated channels that provide regular updates on the app.

Total 2 Billion Users Of WhatsApp In The World

The channel has become a popular feature in a very short time. WhatsApp says more than 2 billion people use the messaging service. On the other hand, WhatsApp Channel crossed 500 million monthly active users within the first seven weeks of its launch, a claim Zuckerberg had made in a channel message last year.

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