America Will Host T20 World Cup On Rented Equipment, ICC Made Shocking Revelation

OM Prakash
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T20 World Cup 2024

The T20 World Cup 2024 will be hosted by America and the West Indies. ICC made a big revelation regarding the T20 World Cup to be held in June this year, in which it was told that America, which will host the tournament, will make temporary preparations, in which the pitch will be brought from Melbourne; the chairs for the spectators will come from Las Vegas.

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Drop-in pitches will be used for the T20 World Cup to be played in America, which will be prepared by Adelaide Oval curator Damien Hough. Now, the question might arise in your mind: What are these drop-in pitches? So let us tell you that drop-in pitches are such pitches that are made somewhere away from the field and are later brought and laid on the field. Apart from this, a match will be played between India and Pakistan on June 9 in the tournament, for which a temporary gallery with a capacity of 34,000 spectators will be built and removed after use.

ICC events director Chris Tetley said, “We will be using drop-in pitches, which have already been constructed. We are using the expertise of Adelaide Oval curator Damien Hough, an expert in this matter. He constructed and is maintaining the trays, which are in Florida. There will be sufficient trays for the matches, which will be needed in New York. In addition, there will also be trays for the practice pitches. The pitches on which the matches are to be played are brand new. Apart from this, we also arrange to drain the water in case of rain.”

The ICC events director said, “All the infrastructure will be temporary, as it happens in the world of sports. Some of the equipment for the structures will be brought from Las Vegas and set up and removed after the match. There are 30 million cricket fans in the US. And this is the third largest market. The construction of structures will start in February, and their work will be completed by May.”

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