Why Is ‘Boycott Zerodha’ Trending On Twitter?

Akash Kumar Mishra
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CEO Of Zerodha Nithin Kamath

You must be aware of the microblogging site Twitter, which has now become X. Boycott Zerodha (#BoycottZerodha) and is trending a lot. This is due to the problem with Zerodha’s trading app, Kite. Its customers are facing many issues these days on Kite.

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Clients Are Suffering Losses

Tanya Tiwari, a Zerodha customer, has been facing continuous glitches on Kite for the last few days. In such a situation, clients are facing loss. Tanya Tiwari asks- If the problems are not being resolved continuously, should you perform aarti for it if you do not boycott it?

When the problem was not resolved despite continuous complaints of glitches, many users became part of the ‘Boycott Zerodha’ trend on X on Friday. A user has written that he lost Rs 33 thousand in July 2023. The reason for this is a trade glitch on Zerodha. He says he placed the buy order at 3 p.m., executed at 3.31 p.m. Zerodha says they will compensate 50 per cent of the loss they suffered. But nothing like this has happened yet.

Choosing Zerodha Is The Worst Decision Of Life

Another user said, “Choosing Zerodha as a broker was the second worst decision of my life. Supporting RCB is still the first.”

Down Four Times In Four Months

According to news on IANS, Zerodha has been down four times in the last four months. The company’s customers faced technical glitches on October 31, November 6, December 4 last year and January 29 this year. The customers’ patience will break.

What Is Zerodha

The full name of Zerodha is Zerodha Broking Limited. It is a financial service provider, a stock market broker, a discount broker, and an investment facility provider that offers many types of facilities. The founder of this company is Nitin Kamat. His objective in starting the company was to provide investment facilities to people at a meagre cost and easily.

Why Is The Name Zerodha

Nithin Kamath named his company Zerodha, which means Zero Block Investment Services. If we look at the meaning of this word, Zerodha is made up of two words, Zero + Rodha, which means no obstruction. But now customers say that there is only obstruction on this.

How Did This Company Become Popular?

When this company was started, investing in the stock market was very expensive and difficult. This company was started to make it simple and cheap. After its arrival, small and common people began investing in the stock market.

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