Abdu Rozik Is The Heart Of The Show Most Entertaining Contestant Of BB Confirm Salman Khan

Shubham Dubey
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Abdu Rozik In Bigg Boss 16

Bigg Boss 16: Little Jaan…But Abdu Rozik is a maestro when it comes to entertainment! Why right? After all, 3-foot little Abdu overshadows such big celebs in the TV industry. Abdu has become the most entertaining contestant on the show. After Salman Khan, if there is any life in Bigg Boss 16, it is Abdu Rozik.

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‘Chhote Bhaijaan’ Abdu Rozik is Amazing

No fight…no quarrel…don’t make unnecessary trouble with anyone. Without drama, Abdu is taking a heavy toll on the big stars in the show. Abdu is the first contestant in the history of Bigg Boss, who has become the most popular contestant on the show without creating any controversial content.

Whatever happens in Abdu’s heart is visible on his face. In the true sense, Abdu is the most genuine person in the show. Abdu never fakes anything to get ahead in the game. He always listens to his heart and says what his heart says. However, Sajid Khan sometimes takes Abdu in his words.

But Abdu does not shy away from expressing his displeasure over this. If Abdu gets angry, he fights with his friends too. When they are happy, they laugh and play in the whole house. Have fun with everyone. The fans are losing their hearts just because of this act of Abdu.

Abdu Is The Master Of All In Understanding

Abdu may be small in stature but very tall in understanding. Little Abdu understands the game and contestants of Bigg Boss very well. The family members may consider Abdu a child, but in terms of performance, Abdu is no less than anyone.

Whatever task is given to Abdu, he does it very cleverly. Abdu had done the secret task of Bigg Boss so quickly with his understanding that no family member even suspected him.

Abdu’s small packets are big bang. Abdu has the high entertainment level of Bigg Boss 16 with his cute style. Bigg Boss lovers are happy seeing Abdu laughing and playing on the screen. Because of Abdu, even small children have started watching Big Boss. The children are also having a lot of fun seeing Abdu having fun. People of all ages have become fans of Abdu.

Salman Khan is Proud of Abdu

In Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan said that Abdu is the show’s most entertaining and real contestant. Abdu entertains the audience and is also the most visible on the screen. Salman said he is proud of Abdu as he never lost his identity to move ahead in the game and always listened to his heart by staying true.

If we say that the TRP of Bigg Boss 16 is getting boosted only because of Abdu Rozik, then it will not be wrong because the entire focus of the show has become 19-year-old Abdu Rozik. Fans look for Abdu as soon as Bigg Boss starts, which is why screen time is also being given to him properly.

At the same time, all the family members are engaged in fighting and creating controversy, while at the same time, Abdu is winning the hearts of people with his laughter. Abdu’s personality is so cute that those who see him fall in love.

After Salman Khan, Abdu Rozik has become the life of Bigg Boss. Now it seems that if not Abdu Rozik, then not even Big Boss. What is your opinion?

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