8 KG ‘Bahubali’ Samosa Costs ₹ 1100, The Shopkeeper Told Its Unique Feature

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8 Kg Bahubali Samosa

These days 8 kg ‘Bahubali’ samosa has become a topic of discussion on social media. The video of this enormous samosa is going viral on social media. People are surprised to see such a heavy samosa.

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Let us inform you that this samosa has been prepared by two brothers, Shubham and Ujwal, who run a sweet shop in the name of Kaushal Sweets in Meerut (Uttar Pradesh). Now they are preparing to go beyond 8 kg samosa to make 10 kg samosa.

Shubham, the shop owner of Kaushal Sweets in the Lalkurti area of ​​Meerut, said his family has been running a sweet shop since 1964. Now, this is their third generation. He says he used to see that people do something different every day, so he also decided to do something new.

8 Kg Bahubali Samosa

In the series of this innovation, first of all, the owners of Kaushal Sweets got 4 kg samosa prepared. His experiment was highly appreciated. After this, he decided to prepare an 8 kg samosa and designed a massive samosa in July, whose video is now going viral. Customers also liked 8 kg samosas very much, and now it is preparing to go ahead and make 10 kg samosas.

1100 Rupees Price

The shop owner said that the cost of 8 kg samosa was around Rs 1100 and the price of 10 kg samosa would be around Rs 1500. It took about 3 kg of all-purpose flour to prepare 8 kg of samosa, and around 5 kg was stuffed with potatoes, peas, paneer and mixed dry fruits like cashews, raisins and spices.

It took 2 To 3 Hours To Make

It took 2 to 3 hours to prepare 8 kg samosa. Its 3 skilled craftsmen were employed, which was not an ordinary job. The 8 kg samosa was very big, so the most significant obstacle and the most prominent problem was frying it in oil. Because such a big samosa had to be fried by putting it in oil alone in the whole pan, which required skilled artisans, they were also successful.

Reward Of 51 Thousand For Eating Complete 30 Minutes

Shubham says that we had also kept this reward: whoever eats 8 kg of samosa in 30 minutes will also give a prize of Rs 51000. He said that we prepare Bahubali Samosa on order also. Recently, Harsh Goenka of Delhi also tweeted a video of 8 kg samosas.

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