Budget Allocates Less for Ministers, More for PMO and Science Advisor

Abhay Singh
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Budget 2024

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the interim budget for the financial year 2024-25 on Thursday. In this, Rs 1248.91 crore has been released for the expenditure on the Council of Ministers, Cabinet Secretariat, Prime Minister’s Office and service and entertainment of guests. If compared to last year, this time, this amount has been reduced. This amount for the financial year 2023-24 was Rs 1803.01 crore.

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In this budget, Rs 832.81 crore has been allocated for the Council of Ministers’ expenses, up from Rs 1289.28 crore last year. This provision is for salary, reception and other allowances, and travel of Cabinet Ministers, Ministers of State, and former Prime Ministers. It also includes provision for special additional session flight operations for VVIP personalities.

Got So Much Money For Entertainment

The National Security Council Secretariat has been allocated Rs 200 crore, up from Rs 299.30 crore last year. This provision meets the Secretariat’s administrative expenses and the space programme. Apart from this, Rs 4 crore has been allocated for expenditure on hospitality and entertainment. The exact amount was spent on this in the last financial year.

Rs 76.20 crore has been released for the Office of Principal Scientific Advisor, up from Rs 75 crore last year. This amount will cover the expenses of the Advisor Office and National Research Foundation. The Cabinet Secretariat has received Rs 70 crore, up from Rs 70.20 crore last financial year. This money will be used to cover the administrative expenses of the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Increase In Allocation For PMO

This time, Rs 63.30 crore has been released for the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), up from Rs 62.65 crore last financial year. In the budget, Rs 1.80 crore has been allocated for secretariat assistants to former governors, up from Rs 1.30 crore last year. Under this, secretariat assistance is paid to former governors.

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