World’s First Mini Brain Grown in a Lab, Opens Door to Treating Brain Diseases!

Shubham Dubey
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Mini Brain

The world’s first ‘mini-brain’ has been created. The Hubrecht Institute of the Netherlands has prepared it. The size of this mini brain is like a grain of rice. Researchers believe that this may make treatment of many mental diseases possible.

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What Is Mini Brain?

This mini-brain is being called the world’s first brain organoid. An exact body part model can be made, but not of the brain. But the Institute of Netherlands has also made organoids of the brain. The brain has been developed from a tiny tissue named the ‘mini-brain’. Before this, mini-brains were created, made from stem cells, i.e. tree tissue instead of human tissue.

What Did The Researchers Say?

Associated with Hubrecht Institute, Professor Hans Clevers said this will be our essential contribution to brain research. Till now, we have been able to make organoids (3-D models) of every part of the body, but we have had the challenge of not making organoids of the brain. Now, we have overcome this challenge.

What Are The Benefits Of A Mini Brain?

The mini-brain prepared by researchers in the Netherlands can prove helpful in treating mental illnesses. Through this model, more information can be obtained about diseases like Alzheimer’s, dementia and microcephaly. There is also a possibility of getting treatment for brain cancer in children.

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