RCB’s New Jersey Leaked Even Before Revealing; Virat and Siraj’s Picture Goes Viral

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RCB Jersey Design Leak 2024

There is great news for RCB fans before the opening match against CSK. RCB’s new jersey has been leaked. RCB was to reveal this jersey. But even before that, it became the Jersey League. RCB fast bowler Mohammed Siraj and India’s legendary batsman Virat Kohli are seen in a new jersey. Kohli is practising with his team. Meanwhile, the picture of Kohli and Siraj wearing a new jersey goes viral. It is being claimed that this jersey belongs to RCB.

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What Does RCB Jersey Look Like?

The first match of IPL 2024 between Chennai and Bangalore will be played on March 22. There is a lot of excitement among the fans about this match. RBC has also won the WPL 2024 trophy. The fans’ expectations from RCB have greatly increased in such a situation.

Meanwhile, a discussion has started regarding the new RCB jersey. It can be seen in the jersey worn by Virat Kohli and Siraj that the jersey is half blue and half red. It also has Bangalore’s logo and many companies’ names for ads. Regarding this, it is being claimed that the RCB team will play wearing this jersey. However, official information regarding this has not been received yet.

The First Match Will Be Played in Chinnaswamy

The opening match of IPL 2024 will be played on March 22 at the Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium in Bangalore. This match is going to start at 8 pm. There will be a huge crowd of spectators from Bangalore in this match. On one side, the defending champion will be Chennai Super Kings; on the other, the team dreaming of winning the first IPL trophy will be Royal Challengers Bangalore. This match is going to be very exciting.

Bangalore’s veteran batsman Virat Kohli has also returned after 2 months. Due to this, the excitement in the fans’ minds regarding the first match has increased even more. Fans will get a chance to see their favourite player, Virat Kohli, playing in the very first match.

Fans’ Expectations From RCB Increased

Crores of fans in Bangalore hope the RCB men’s team will win the IPL title for the first time. Fans have this hope because Bangalore has also dominated the Women’s Premier League this season. Bangalore won the trophy by defeating Delhi in the final. With this victory, the women’s team has made the 16-year-old dream of RCB fans come true. Now it remains to be seen whether Virat Kohli’s team also succeed in winning the first IPL trophy.

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