Obama Arrives To Meet British PM Rishi Sunak, Many Issues Including AI Were Discussed

Shubham Dubey
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Former US President Obama Meets British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

Former US President Obama suddenly reached 10 Downing Street, his official residence, to meet British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Monday. It is believed that the two leaders met for the first time.

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Prime Minister Sunak’s office, 10 Downing Street, said that the two leaders discussed many issues, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), during informal talks. A Downing Street spokesman said Prime Minister Sunak welcomed former US President Barack Obama to 10 Downing Street for an informal meeting on Monday afternoon.

Barack Obama Came To London For His Foundation Work

The spokesperson said that the former President had come to London on his foundation work and had a courtesy meeting with Prime Minister Sunak. They discussed many issues, including international affairs and AI. After waiting about an hour, former President Obama came out with US Ambassador to Britain Jane Hartley.

Obama Did Not Answer Putin’s Questions

During this time, he did not say anything to the journalists’ questions about Vladimir Putin’s re-election as the President of Russia. Former US President Obama last visited 10 Downing Street in April 2016 to meet then Prime Minister and now Foreign Minister David Cameron.

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