The Condition Of Zimbabwe Cricket Is Terrible; Players Get Only This Much Salary!

Ashish Kumar Mishra
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Zimbabwe Players

Some surprising results have been seen in the T20 World Cup 2022 being played on Australian soil. In this episode, the Zimbabwe team led by Craig Irwin defeated Pakistan by one run. By registering a victory against Pakistan, Zimbabwe made it clear that taking them lightly can be overwhelming for any team.

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This performance of Zimbabwe also matters because, financially, the condition of these players is not very special. They get much less salary than the players in countries like Australia, India, and Pakistan.

This Is The Salary of Zimbabwe Players!

According to the local newspaper The Standard, Zimbabwean players are divided into four grades X, A, B and C. Grade X players get 5 thousand US dollars (about 4.11 lakh rupees) every month.

Grade-A players are paid 3500 US dollars (roughly Rs 2.80 lakh). At the same time, Grade-B players get two thousand dollars (Rs 1.64 lakh) per month. Talking about Grade-C players, they get $ 1500 per month (about Rs 1.23 lakh).

Zimbabwe players are paid 2000 dollars (Rs 1.64 lakh) for playing a Test match, 1000 dollars (about 82 thousand rupees) for ODIs and 500 dollars (41 thousand rupees) for T20 Internationals.

The name of the biggest cricket league in Zimbabwe is National Premier League. The team that wins this league gets Rs 8.50 lakh. That is, it is much less than the minimum base price of a player of Rs 20 lakh in the IPL auction.

.. Once Used To Ring Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe cricket was once in good shape. But with the departure of the Flower brothers Andy and Grant, Murray Goodwin, Paul Strang, and Heath Streak, Zimbabwe’s cricket deteriorated significantly.

Additionally, on many occasions, Zimbabwe players boycotted playing due to low salaries. Later the Zimbabwean government also started interfering in the cricket board there, due to which the International Cricket Council (ICC) suspended Zimbabwe from international cricket for six months in July 2019. The situation has improved on the administrative front, and the ICC pays most of the fees to players and coaches.

… Is The Salary of Pakistani Players

If you compare Zimbabwe with Pakistan cricket, the players there get around 3 lakh rupees for playing a test. At the same time, he gets about 1.87 lakhs for ODIs and 1.35 lakhs for T20.

Regarding the central contract of Pakistani players, Pakistani players in the top grade get 10,50,000 Pakistani rupees per month as retention fees for red-ball. The retention fee for the same white ball contract is 9,50,000 Pakistani rupees per month. Now you can imagine how much difference Zimbabwean and Pakistani players are in terms of salary.

Indians Get Many Times More Match Fees

Indian players get 15 lakh rupees for a match in test cricket. In One Day International, men are given 6 lakh rupees for a match. Also, 3 lakh rupees are available for playing a match in T20 International cricket.

How Much Match Fee Do Indian Players Get?

One Test match: Rs 15 lakh
One ODI match: Rs 6 lakh
One T20 match: Rs 3 lakh

BCCI Central Contract List for Indian Team

Category A+ (Rs 7 crore)
Category A (Rs 5 crore)
Category B (Rs 3 crore)
Category C (Rs 1 crore).

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