Apple Announces Major AI Push, Aims to Bring Features This Year

Shubham Dubey
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Apple Company

Apple has many different plans for its future. The biggest thing in this is that new changes will happen regarding AI. The company can bring AI features by the end of this year. If reports are to be believed, Apple CEO Tim Cook has made a new announcement regarding this in the shareholder meeting. Big information has come to light in this meeting held on Wednesday.

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Tim Cook said that the company can make big decisions regarding the iPhone. The company is making new decisions regarding AI. We are considering investing in it. Cook said that we are considering unlocking these opportunities. Because when it comes to productivity. There is some delay from Apple regarding Generative AI. Cook said that we believe in giving the best.

On Wednesday, Tim Cook said our AI was already in the behind-the-scenes phase. We are continuously working on this. This feature will be brought by us very soon. Apple says that it will also help users a lot in searching for data with the help of AI. That means you do not need to go anywhere for this; you only have to give one command, and all the data will be in front of you.

Cook said all Macs supporting Apple Silicon will get very good AI support. The company’s CEO has refused to share more information than this in front of Apple shareholders. Even users wanted to know how to use artificial intelligence in their businesses. Let us tell you that some time ago, Samsung launched AI in its S24 series. Since then, the debate regarding AI in smartphones has continued.

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