Boost Your MAC Or PC With These 10 Easy Tips – No Tech Experience Needed!

Ashish Kumar Mishra
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Make Laptop Run Faster Free

We all know that no work can be done without a laptop. If the laptop starts slowing down while working, the work is not finished on time, and many problems arise.

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In today’s high-tech era, if we have to wait more than a few seconds to upload or load something on the laptop, we start feeling that time is wasted.

If your laptop is also struggling with these problems, there is no need to worry; there are many ways by which your Mac or PC will not start running fast with the help of these tips; let us know. There are some such tips.

Prevent Programs From Running Automatically When You Start The Laptop

This is one of the main reasons for the slow running of laptops. Many laptops automatically run programs that use your laptop’s memory and slow down your computer. While some programs, such as antivirus and firewall software, should run automatically, you can turn other programs off until you no longer need them.

Uninstall Programs You Don’t Use

Many new laptops come with pre-installed programs that take up much space and automatically run background processes. Go to your Control Room and uninstall programs you don’t need.


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Clean Up Hard Disk Space

If you have less than 15% free space on your laptop, your laptop may slow down and remove old programs and files you don’t need. If your computer is running slow and the storage is not full, there may be problems with your operating system.

Save Old Photos Or Videos To The Cloud Or External Drive

Clouding old photos or videos will free up memory space, which will also increase the speed of your laptop. Keeping them in the cloud or external drive is also a good approach.

Do A Disk Cleanup

When you boot up or use an application, your computer creates several temporary files. These temporary files, such as Internet history, cookies and cache, take up a lot of space on your laptop’s hard disk, slowing down your system. Performing a disk cleanup can clear hundreds of megabytes by removing temporary and unnecessary system files and emptying your recycling bin.

Change Laptop Power Plan To High Performance

Laptops have different power plans to control how they use power. Some settings customize battery life by dimming the display, but a higher display will speed up the laptop.

Install Antivirus, Spyware Scanner and Anti-Malware

It can run faster if your laptop isn’t wasting time managing bugs and viruses. It is also an extra layer of security to keep your computer safe.

Run Disk Defragment To Customize Your Hard Drive

When data gets corrupted, your laptop has to find fragments of files that may be scattered across the hard drive. Defragment will organize data and free up space so your computer can access data faster.

Add More RAM To Laptop

RAM is temporary storage memory used by your PC to run programs. The more programs you use, the more RAM you’ll need, and if you don’t have it, your laptop will slow down. Apart from this, you can easily add more RAM by purchasing a memory stick, but if needed, you can also replace it or buy utterly new RAM.

Update Laptop Software

Software updates will fix bugs and problems that slow down your laptop. To see if your Windows software is up to date, click the Start button > All Programs > Windows Update > Check for Updates. On a Mac, go to Apps under the Apple icon menu and click About this Mac.

With the help of these tips, you do not need to go out and buy a new laptop or spend a lot of money to make it run faster. You can adopt these tips when you feel your computer is slowing down.

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