BYD Is Preparing To Bring Three More Electric Cars To India, Know What Is The Plan

Geeta Kumar
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BYD Atto 3

India is increasingly becoming an important market for China’s leading electric car manufacturer, BYD. According to media reports, the company plans to expand its portfolio in India soon. In this news, we are telling you how many cars the company will bring in in the coming years.

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The Company Is Preparing

According to reports, Chinese electric company BYD may soon bring more new cars to India. According to the information, the company plans to launch three new cars in India in the next few days. With this, the company wants to cover 85% of the country’s electric car market in the next three years.

Apart from this, the company is also working on expansion in India. The company believes India can emerge as a bigger market than Japan in the next few times.

Preparation To Obtain Certification

According to the information, BYD is working on obtaining homologation certification from ARAI through the electric SUV Atto 3 in the country. After obtaining this certificate, the restriction on import quantity of 2500 units will be removed. Homologation certifies vehicles for roadworthiness under rules specified by the government for all cars manufactured or imported into the country.

A New Car Has Been Launched

BYD has recently launched a new electric car in India. The company launched the luxury electric sedan car BYD Seal in February 2024 for Rs 41 lakh.

How Is The Portfolio

BYD currently offers three cars in India. One is the sedan Seal; the other is the SUV Atto3 and E6. In the coming days, cars like the Sea Lion, Tang and Dolphin will also be brought into the Indian market.

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