Thousands Of People Fired From Dell, Company Confirms Major Layoffs

Abhay Singh
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Dell Company

Leading computer manufacturer, Dell has laid off about 6000 people. This was revealed in Dell’s exchange filing. A total of 1.26 lakh employees worked in the computer and laptop manufacturing company. However, information has been received from the company’s exchange filing that Dell now has only 1.20 lakh employees.

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Computer Sales Have Been Declining For The Last 2 Years

According to a Reuters report, Dell has informed in its filing that people’s interest in computers has decreased for about 2 years. His sales are continuously declining. Therefore, they have had to cut jobs. Due to a decrease in demand, the company’s revenue has decreased by 11 per cent. This was confirmed by the quarterly results announced last month. Dell was facing a financial crisis due to a decrease in revenue. Therefore, they had to take the difficult decision of layoffs.

Dell Expects Good Sales This Year

However, the company has estimated in its exchange filing that its client solutions business, including personal computers, may grow this year. Falling demand is troubling them. Nevertheless, he remains optimistic about increasing sales. Dell said that it will move forward by keeping computer prices right in fiscal year 2025. This will help them in increasing their revenue.

Those Working From Home Will Not Get Promotion

Recently, Dell told its employees they could continue working from home. But, he will not be given a promotion. The company has asked its employees to work from the office for at least three days. A hybrid work policy was in force at Dell even before COVID-19 arrived. Because of this, there is anger among the employees regarding this decision.

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