Xiaomi Is Preparing To Launch Pichkari On This Holi, Know Its Special Features

Akash Kumar Mishra
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Xiaomi Water Gun

Xiaomi launched its flagship and most expensive smartphone series in India this month, the Xiaomi 14 Series. The company launched two smartphones in this series, the Xiaomi 14 and the Xiaomi 14 Ultra. Xiaomi is preparing to launch another new product in India this month, which users can use while playing Holi. Let us tell you about this special Xiaomi product.

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Xiaomi’s New Product

Xiaomi can launch a water gun, i.e. Pichkari, in India this month, using which users can give the colour of technical Holi to their Holi this time. Xiaomi India’s Associate Director Sandeep Sarma has shared a post from his official X (old name Twitter) account, where he is standing holding a Xiaomi product in his hands, but its picture has been blurred. Along with this picture, Sandeep wrote in his post, “I have a super cool Xiaomi product. Friday just got more fun. Stay connected for some amazing content.”

Although the Associate Director of Xiaomi India has not yet given any open information about this product, in the replies and comments on his post, the users said that this is Xiaomi’s water gun, i.e. Pichkari, which is being launched this time. It can be launched before Holi.

Its name could be the Xiaomi Mijia Pulse Gun or Xiaomi Pulse Water Gun. Xiaomi has launched this product outside India. In Sandeep Sarma’s post, an ex-user shared a video, courtesy of Xiaomi UK, in which Xiaomi’s method of using this water gun and its features are explained.

How Will Xiaomi’s Water Gun Be?

In the video, a user is using a Xiaomi Pulse water gun. A USB Type-C charging port has been provided on its upper part to charge it. It has been claimed in the video that after charging it once, it can be used throughout the day.

There are LEDs installed on the front part of this Pichkari, which will show the status of this Pichkari, how much battery is left in it, and how much water is in it. A display button on the top of this water gun lets users release rapid-fire or large water bullets. A trigger is provided to fill the water.

After immersing it in water like a normal Pichkari, it fills with water after pressing the trigger. Through the LED installed on its side, you can see how much water is filled in it. After being filled with water, it can be used like a gun.

Now, it remains to be seen whether Xiaomi has talked about this product in its teaser or not. If Xiaomi is going to launch this product in India, it can be launched next week. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see how much this super cool water gun of Xiaomi, i.e. Pichkari, costs and how much people like it.

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