Amazon Fined ₹45,000 by Delhi Consumer Court for Faulty Laptop Refund Delay

Abhay Singh
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A fine of Rs 45,000 thousand has been imposed on the leading e-commerce company Amazon and its retailer. This penalty has been imposed on Amazon by a consumer commission in Delhi. In its order, the court strongly reprimanded the company and said it does not have a proper system to redress customer complaints. The court said the company is responsible for selling the right products to the customers. If there is any product problem, it should resolve the complaint immediately and complete the refund process.

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What Is The Whole Matter?

The case is of 29 October 2021, when a customer had ordered a laptop from Amazon. The price of the laptop was Rs 78,000. After delivery of the laptop, the customer came to know there was a defect. After this, he processed the return on the same day to return the product. According to the complainant, the company took 10 days to return the product, and even after that, the receipt was not given. Along with this, the company also delayed refunding the customer.

Amazon Gave This Clarification

Delhi Consumer Court issued notices to both Amazon and the retailer, but Amazon failed to respond to the notice within the stipulated time. In such a situation, the court has imposed a fine of Rs 45,000 on the company. Along with this, the retailer has also failed to appear in court within the stipulated time.

Court Gave Instructions To Amazon

The Consumer Court of Delhi has given strict instructions to the e-commerce company on this matter. While giving the decision in favour of the customer, the court said that Amazon does not have a system to resolve customer problems. The court advised the company to fix the customers’ issues as soon as possible and also asked to speed up the refund process.

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