Bihar May Get Buried Treasure, ONGC Started This Work

Ashish Kumar Mishra
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ONGC Oil Discovery

Bihar may soon get the gift of buried treasure. Government company ONGC is soon going to dig an oil well in Bihar. This is part of the efforts to discover oil in the Ganga Valley located in Bihar.

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Oil Will Be Explored In Samastipur

This information has been given in an ET report quoting ONGC Director Sushma Rawat. He said that the block where ONGC will search for oil is in the Samastipur district of Bihar. This entire block is 300 square kilometres. For that, ONGC has already acquired 3D seismic data.

The First Well Will Be Dug This Year

ONGC is going to drill two wells in its efforts to explore oil. The first well will be drilled this year. The digging of the first well will cost ONGC Rs 30 to 35 crore. The data obtained from drilling the first well will help the company drill the second well and prepare a plan for the entire exploration block.

Efforts Are Being Made After Half A Century

Earlier efforts to search for oil wells in Bihar were made several decades ago. Oil wells were last dug in Bihar about half a century ago. Since then, much seismic data has emerged in the last five decades. Drilling new wells will make better use of that data.

Excavation Will Also Take Place In Ballia

ONGC is the country’s largest oil and gas cultivating company. Apart from Samastipur in Bihar, the company will dig wells in another block in the Ganga basin in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh. If oil is discovered in these efforts, it will boost local industries and the economy. Also, states like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh will be on the oil map. However, in the Ballia case, ONGC is facing problems related to land acquisition.

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