Chinese Hackers Attack India, Theft Of 100 GB Data Revealed

Akash Kumar Mishra
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Chinese hackers have targeted India. About 100 GB of immigration data has been stolen in this cyber attack. A Shanghai-based company, iSoon, carried out this attack. This hacking group is linked to the Chinese government.

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The revelation of this attack has created new concerns regarding cyber security. Such attacks from China have increased rapidly in recent years. China is continuously targeting foreign governments, companies and infrastructure.

Provide This Document To The Intelligence and Army

According to a report in The Washington Post, iSoon, supported by the Chinese government, also provides this document to the intelligence and army there. The report claims that hackers have stolen about 570 files, photos and chat logs. Many types of important information have reached China from this data.

Last week, these files were posted on GitHub. This shows that about 20 governments are the target of hackers. Apart from India, these include Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Important Data Of South Korea And Taiwan Also Stolen

iSoon is also known as Auxun. It provides third-party hacking and data services to government institutions and security agencies. Leaked documents have revealed that 95.2 GB of immigration data from India and 3 terabytes of call log data from South Korea’s LG U Plus telecom operator are in the possession of hackers. Taiwan’s 459 GB road mapping data has also been stolen. It can be useful in military operations.

Easily Obtain Contracts From Other Countries

iSoon had also targeted NATO in 2022. Besides, British government offices also became victims of this. Again, Pakistan and Cambodia were also attacked by the same hackers. China started promoting companies like iSoon two decades ago. With the help of this data, the companies and governments there have successfully won contracts from other countries.

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